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Lotus Temple

The serenity of the place finds no adjective. Experience the Lotus Temple in Virtual Reality

Republic Day

Republic Day Parade in Delhi is the most extravagant event in the nation. The government of India, this time, wanted to have this experience of watching the parade live available for everyone. The team at Culenz designed the workflow in such a way that every parade element from welcoming the guest to the procession and air show was available for the eyes of the viewers. First of all, making it available in VR was the most prominent thing done to have a real feel of standing on the Raj path, ahead of all to get the best view.

Independence Day

Not everyone gets access to the most celebrated political festival of India. The plan was to have this celebration of Independence that India got after tons of sacrifices, be accessible by everyone. Since Red Fort access is limited to only the who’s who of the political gallery on the day, VR would be the most suited solution for such access to the masses. We deployed different stations to capture and one central control centre to monitor and broadcast the flag hoisting and PM’s speech to the nation thereby making everyone stand closest to the Prime Minister of India, while he speaks.


The organisers of the largest cultural and literary festival were sceptical of live streaming the event. They feared piracy since live streams can be recorded or downloaded. VR gave them two benefits, first, 360o VR live streams can’t be easily downloaded or recorded, second, it was a new perspective for the viewers of Jashn-e-Rekhta around the globe. They could now stand in the front row, near the stage, every time, everyone. And we were made the worldwide exclusive broadcasters of Jashn-e-Rekhta 2019 in association with Airtel as the internet partner.

IT Day 2023, Rajasthan

A flagship event of the Government of Rajasthan, this invites and attracts people from the IT field across the state and even further ahead. A plethora of activities is planned for people from diversified technological backgrounds and for those not from IT backgrounds too. Job fairs, Expert Talks, Motivational Sessions, Expos and Exhibitions, Start-ups, Bazaar Areas, Film Festivals etc., also included an Extended Reality Zone. A dome, filled with 22 different types of immersive experiences for a visitor count of a lakh of people to know about what is coming ahead in technology, handled and managed by Culenz. It was the second most crowded place, only after Job Fair. We have also introduced two new experiential products in India for the first time.


One of the finest motorcycling machine producers German brand BMW organised its rally drive across India. This was for the riders and owners of BMW, but the brand wanted to extend the experience to other enthusiasts as well. We created a VR-based ride experience for BMW through this rally which gave the viewers a feel of actually riding some of the best riding machines and being part of the clan.

Republic Day 2020

For the first time in the History of India, we made Republic Day Parade from Rajpath live in Virtual Reality

Property Visits

Your Customers Visit Your Next Project while at the Comfort of Their Homes/p>


Restaurants, Adventure Parks, Tourism Spots, experience everything and never step out.

Automobile & Adventure

The 2020 version test drives and industrial visits with the help of Culenz. The future you see today.